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Dead Heat! Kliqed and MyChoicePad share the honours

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It’s fair to say the bar was set pretty high after our last meetup, both in the event organisation and the pitching companies. If I said I wasn’t feeling the pressure, I’d be lying! That said, everything came together (almost) perfectly which resulted in another fantastic event for all those involved – what fun!

As ever, the 6 pitching companies battled it out for the opportunity to link up directly with Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley – adorned in British paraphernalia – to give their pitch and get the sought after feedback from the TWiST crew.

Of the 6 companies, including Eeve, Kliqed, Lifesort, MyChoicePad, Skadoosh and Vungle, it was Kliqed who emerged victorious as voted by the 70 strong crowd who turned out for the event.

Runners up, MyChoicePad and Skadoosh joined Kliqed on the live show.

For the first time, Jason and Tyler were split on who should take the overall title.

Jason’s Picks

1. MyChoicePad

2. Kliqed

3. Skadoosh

Tyler’s Picks

1. Skadoosh

2. Kliqed

3. MyChoicePad

In the end it was decided that Kliqed and MyChoicePad should share the honours, with each company being invited to the next Launch Conference and being given a booth in the demo pit. How the Mailchimp prize will be allocated, we need to figure out…

In a further gesture, Jason invited the founders of the other pitching companies to attend Launch as well, and as TWiSTldn found when we attending the hugely impressive first Launch, it’s definitely a great opportunity for all those involved. Keep an eye out for the event video, but in the meantime, here’s the show broadcast for those that missed out

This Week in Startups 153 – With Steve Schofield


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TWiSTldn Winners to get Chimped!

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mailchimp logoOne area I’ve been really keen to make the most of, improve and evolve is ensuring our pitching companies have the biggest incentive to apply in the first place and if selected, to put on a great show at the events. I know that if we do that well, our humble little meetup will be known for it’s quality of both the companies and the guests who will come along to see them as a result. And to me, that’s why I’m doing this. Quality wins out at the end of the day.

So, what can you offer to companies as a cash strapped, volunteer supported event? Well, up until now, apart from the exposure and opportunity to pitch to Jason and appear on an episode of TWiST, the answer is very little (unless you also count tickets to Launch for the last meetups success stories).

But things are moving in the right direction and off the back of the event’s success, the buzz around London tech right now and growing popularity of This Week in Startups, I’ve been inundated with sponsorship inquiries and offers of support, which has been really gratifying. While we figure out what to do with them on a local level, this news actually comes from the support we’re now getting from our friends at This Week In. And, more importantly, their headline sponsors!

So, we can all thank, in a Jason monkey stylie “OOooohhh, OOooooOOOhh, Aaaahhhh, Aaahaaah”, our friends at Mailchimp who have donated 50,000 credits to the eventual winner of TWiSTldn #4. Now, I have a feeling it’s not going to stop there and we’ll have some more news on the prize front coming up…

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Venue Announcement! – TWiSTldn #4

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Orrick Legal - Venue SponsorsWe’ve been working hard to raise the bar once again for the location of TWiSTldn #4, and for those of you who attended the last meetup, you’ll agree we’d have to go some to top TW’s plush offices. Well, by jove, I think we’ve done it!

So, thanks to our venue sponsors for TWiSTldn #4 – Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe (or Orrick) and our friend Chris Grew, we can look forward to some more superb views over London, top notch technology and some great refreshments after a long day in the office.

Here’s the full address:


107 Cheapside



You will need a ticket to get past security and if you purchased more than one ticket in the same name, we need the names of all other attendees confirmed prior to the event, otherwise you won’t get in! Email steve {at} twistldn {dot} com.

If you haven’t yet secured your place at the event, get in quick as there’s only a few left and we have capped the tickets. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

If you haven’t yet submitted your application to pitch at TWiSTldn #4 and possibly live on This Week in Startups, then you’re even further behind – applications close tomorrow at Midnight! Go along to our video application, answer a couple of questions and perhaps you’ll be joining the TWiST family…

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A look back @TWiSTldn #3 –

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Meetups, TWiST Shows, UK Representz | 0 comments did not fair as well with the TWiSTldn audience as I thought they might. I think they suffered in a way because of the presentation. In their case, they have a very nice product, having used it myself with a user interface that is a great example of simplicity and the use of certain well-placed  jquery elements that would be very familiar to most of their users, as they are derived from similar elements on Facebook.

The concept itself? There’s something very cool about being able to find untapped local music venues, new bands and those which perhaps few people know about. It’s social, and that works.


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A look back @TWiSTldn #3 – Minutebox

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Josh Liu from Minutebox impressed with his pitch for his expert advice service, to the extent that Josh also qualified to pitch live to Jason and Tyler as one of the top 3 companies. It hasn”t all been a bed of roses for Josh, who cites on his blog a particular influence the latest incarnation of the Minutebox concept. It was back in 2008, when Techcrunch Europe“s Mike Butcher posted this article, a fairly harsh critique of the initial idea and execution.

Many entrepreneurs, especially those who are so deluded into believing coverage on Techcrunch, however significant, is the be-all and end-all of a startups existence may have thrown in the towel there and then. But Josh was resolute and like any entrepreneur worthy of the name, was able to step back, reflect and move forward decisively. Read his beste online casino take on how it affected his vision and determination to build his business. As a result, Josh clearly has a much more refined and polished vision of the product and has spent some time getting the execution right.

We”ll follow up with Josh in the coming weeks to see how things are going since his attendance at TWiSTldn and his appearance live on This Week in Startups. For now, simply enjoy revisiting Josh”s introduction to

Video courtesy of Coulter Media

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