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TWiSTldn 6 – 29th June 2012 – London v Berlin!

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TWiSTldn is back, with a very special meetup event format, to be held at Forward Internet’s offices on 29th June 2012, from 6.30pm.

In the spirit of the Euros, this event will see the cream of the newest British startups coming out of Europe’s hottest tech startup scene – London, taking on the might of the growing and increasingly sucessful German tech scene in Berlin.

That’s right, it’s England v Germany – LIVE on This Week in Startups.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the format (where have you been?)

6 Companies will take part in a preliminary pitching round, consisting of 3 minute pitch and upto 5 minute Q&A with the meetup audience. Apply here to take part with your hot new startup.

The Audience then votes, based on two criteria – 1) The Pitch / Presentation 2) The Business Idea.

The top 3 companies from each Country then pitch to Jason and Tyler in the studio, live on This Week in Startups, with the overall winners being awarded by our hosts.

Previous winners and runners up have been invited out to San Francisco to take part in the popular and ever more influential Launch Conference, held in March.

As usual, tickets are available via our Eventbrite page, limited to 80 spaces initially – so hurry, because they sell out fast. We ask for a voluntary donation, since the event is totally self-funded by the organisers and our very generous venue sponsors.

It’s a fast-paced event, at a great location, with top notch attendees from entrepreneurial and investor backgrounds,

Apply To Pitch Attend


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TWiSTldn 5 – See the Pitches on This Week in Startups

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A hugely successful meetup; 3 impressive companies, a lively panel discussion, awesome venue and over 100 London Entrepreneurs. TWiSTldn 5 featured a Live in-Person meetup with host Jason Calacanis, Tyler Crowley, Peer Index CTO Sanford Dickert and VC Hussein Kanji.

Thanks to our venue sponsors Forward Internet Group for providing a fantastic space, Dominos pizza and beer.

Here’s the official show video, more of the less official discussion, news round table and questions for Jason to follow.

Pitches from StreamingWell, Six3 and Leemail

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TWiSTldn 5 is LIVE! 11th November 2011

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You may have wondered when the heck the next TWiSTldn meetup was going to be? You’ve seen the guys from Seoul, South Korea; Santiago, Chile; Cape Town, South Africa all benefit from the learnings, experiences, successes and response from the Global Meetups held in London and Paris. We’ve helped the guys around the world to quickly and effectively pull together cracking events, with amazing companies and to get themselves ready for a This Week in Startups Global Meetup show.

Well, enough of that. It’s time the spotlight was back in Europe.

Those of you who caught the last TWiSTldn / London Calling meetup would have heard the seed planted for what was to come. So thrilled with the level of quality in the companies and the events, Jason and Tyler said how they’d love to come and do a Live Meetup in London and Paris.

Well I can now announce that we’re on!

The first This Week in Startups LIVE from London. November 11th 2011. 

So, I hear you asking, “Where is it going to be held?”. “How can they possibly top the ast event’s location?”

Well, you’d be surprised.

TWiSTldn 5 will be held at the offices of Forward London, Camden. A truely inspirational story of success, Forward is a fantastic representation of the UK/London scene and a great venue to represent our companies to our guests. And what a space they have to offer us.

This is going to be the largest TWiSTldn Meetup yet, but still, space will be limited.

Get Your Ticket Quick!

The most important thing right now, is that if you have a company, product or idea that is ready to pitch and is too awesome not to tell Jason and the world then get in touch and apply now. We have space for at least 6 companies. We will be selective and you’ll have to be on top form to get in, since competition is usually high. But embrace the challenge!! Email for details.

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Venture Candy – TWiSTldn Alumni do Battle

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Let battle commence!

TWiSTldn has given a platform to many companies to compete for share of voice, to fight for a place on the the live This Week in Startups show. But, such is the fast growing competitive environment we now exist in, it’s only a matter of time before that competition spills out into the streets. We’re talking full-on drunken street-fighting, bandaged fists dipped in glue and nails, baseball bats with nails through the end, winner takes all, fight to the death.

Or maybe not. I may just have a slightly over active imagination, let’s reign it back into reality for a second.

Instead, we’re talking about a prestigious competition run by Venture Candy. Those companies to which we refer are in the “Green” category – that is, companies that strive to make the world a cleaner, greener, more enjoyable place to live. It’s come down to the final three candidates, and proudly we know, you’ll recognise a couple of them.

The Finalists:

Buy Bikes OnlineGoingGoingBike – James Johnson and crew help cyclists to verify that bikes they buy are not stolen, obtain information about bikes through their Bikepedia, and match buyers with bikes through their Bike Match product. VOTE!



UK CampsitesCampingNinja – Founders Rhian Evans and Geoff Vaughn have brought the old process of finding, booking and enjoying Campsites online, in a beautifully designed booking engine. No more trawling outdated websites, phoning/faxing/emailing numerous campsites and turning up to campsites to be dissapointed with what you find. VOTE!



GiveaCar – Tom Chance helps people dispose of their old cars in an environmentally safe and legal way (believe it or not, this doesn’t always happen!). A social enterprise, a highly significant 75% of the proceeds go to charity. VOTE!



You may recall Rhian and Geoff pitching their UK Campsite booking engine, at TWiSTldn 2, back in August 2010 and James Johnson, who pitched at TWiSTldn 3 in February 2011 and made it onto the live show. If you liked either of these really great entrepreneurs and companies, take a minute to vote and make a difference.

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TWiSTldn 4 – Image Gallery

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It’s been a little while since our last meetup, so what better way to revisit the event than to browse through some selected stills, expertly captured by Olly Freeman. You can view all of the images on our Flickr Stream

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Dead Heat! Kliqed and MyChoicePad share the honours

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It’s fair to say the bar was set pretty high after our last meetup, both in the event organisation and the pitching companies. If I said I wasn’t feeling the pressure, I’d be lying! That said, everything came together (almost) perfectly which resulted in another fantastic event for all those involved – what fun!

As ever, the 6 pitching companies battled it out for the opportunity to link up directly with Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley – adorned in British paraphernalia – to give their pitch and get the sought after feedback from the TWiST crew.

Of the 6 companies, including Eeve, Kliqed, Lifesort, MyChoicePad, Skadoosh and Vungle, it was Kliqed who emerged victorious as voted by the 70 strong crowd who turned out for the event.

Runners up, MyChoicePad and Skadoosh joined Kliqed on the live show.

For the first time, Jason and Tyler were split on who should take the overall title.

Jason’s Picks

1. MyChoicePad

2. Kliqed

3. Skadoosh

Tyler’s Picks

1. Skadoosh

2. Kliqed

3. MyChoicePad

In the end it was decided that Kliqed and MyChoicePad should share the honours, with each company being invited to the next Launch Conference and being given a booth in the demo pit. How the Mailchimp prize will be allocated, we need to figure out…

In a further gesture, Jason invited the founders of the other pitching companies to attend Launch as well, and as TWiSTldn found when we attending the hugely impressive first Launch, it’s definitely a great opportunity for all those involved. Keep an eye out for the event video, but in the meantime, here’s the show broadcast for those that missed out

This Week in Startups 153 – With Steve Schofield


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