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TWiSTldn 5 – See the Pitches on This Week in Startups

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A hugely successful meetup; 3 impressive companies, a lively panel discussion, awesome venue and over 100 London Entrepreneurs. TWiSTldn 5 featured a Live in-Person meetup with host Jason Calacanis, Tyler Crowley, Peer Index CTO Sanford Dickert and VC Hussein Kanji.

Thanks to our venue sponsors Forward Internet Group for providing a fantastic space, Dominos pizza and beer.

Here’s the official show video, more of the less official discussion, news round table and questions for Jason to follow.

Pitches from StreamingWell, Six3 and Leemail

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Ryan Carson’s TreeHouse is enough to get Jason to open his wallet.

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Bath-based Amercian, Ryan Carson of Carsonified and the “Future Of…(web apps, web design, etc.)” events was on the latest This Week in Startups show with Jason and Tyler, to talk about his experiences as a web developer come entrepreneur, building an events business, the desire to build products, raising money and his business/life philosophies (mainly derived from Dale Carnegie at some stage).

The show’s a good watch, and Ryan is a bit of a star. I’m a huge admirer of his companies, mostly, I just love the beautiful design and attentional to detail he puts into everything. I know very well that it can be too easy to skip over design in favour of speed, in a world where he who shouts loudest usually wins. It takes some balls to stick to your guns and apply the same consistently high quality of design to websites and products that Ryan does and I’m a huge admirer of that.

And clearly, there’s a number of people who agree.

Ryan was over in the US and able to attend the studio, since he was presumably out closing the round which included and started with non-other than Kevin Rose, Reid Hoffman, Mark Sustre, Greylock Partner et al. You can see a much better run down of the deal on this TC article.

And maybe it was this illustrious list that made Jason’s competitive streak kick in, and kick himself for originally passing on the deal. Well, it had to happen sometime, heck, we came close a couple of times at TWiSTldn meetups with Tripbod and YReceipts, but Jason finally loosened the purse strings (alright, a little unfair considering the volume of investments he’s been making) on air. What was more surprising was that Jason put out a lengthy email only a few days back explaining why he was cutting back on the Angel investments and so to cave so quickly was quite a surprise.

I think what everyone in the UK and the International meetup cities around the world are waiting for, is Jason to fall in love with one of the global companies and put his money where his mouth is and back some of the TWiST community companies that tickle his fancy.

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TWiST #153 – London Meetup

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London Meetup on TWiST #153 online casino

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