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London Crowned Winners! Berlin v London Startups Head-to-Head

Well done to all of the pitching companies and their representatives for putting on a great a show on Friday night.

Berlin,  it has to be said, put on both a fantastic meetup and had some very high quality companies taking part, none more so than their eventual shortlisted winners Klash, Musicplayr and Kinderfee. Testament to the growing buzz around the Berlin scene and German startups in general, the entrepreneurs were fired up, the products looked extremely polished and the presentations were, let;s say, pushing the boundaries. Ahem.

The London meetup was the smallest in terms of attendance that we’d ever done, but that didn’t stop the 7 companies coming out and showing what they’re made of.






City King


Firstly, from the local side, it was Tray who was declared the winner, closely followed by Shhmoose and Teddle.

When it came down to the Live show, it was extremely close throughout as a highly competent Berlin pitch was met with an equally compelling London rebuttal.

It literally came down to the last pitches as there was not enough daylight between the four preceding companies to break the deadlock. then shook the startup pitch format with a highly disturbing mixture of serial killer stare, mankini and arse tattoo (check the video).

I felt that a combination of off-the-wall pitch and a really great looking product had really put us up against it. Taking one for the team, I decided to even it up in the only way I could. So, in a moment of inspiration, I too decided to get naked and think of England.

Luckily enough, we’d saved the best to last as Tray stood up and impressed both the judges sufficiently to be both of their favourites overall. With Shhmoose a unanimous second, it was confirmed.


And so, on to the next round showdown with which ever city dares stand in our way!

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