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Tripbod get their man at TWiSTldn

Tripbod get their man at TWiSTldn
tripbod - your friend at the other end

tripbod - your friend at the other end

It feels like only yesterday we were congratulating Sally Broom from Tripbod for her outstanding performance and should we add, winning performance at our last TWiSTldn meetup. Such was the warm reaction to both Sally’s business idea and execution to that date, it was clear that it Sally herself – the bright and wonderfully cheerful character who was equally as passionate, resourceful and intensely focussed on her product and captured a lot of people’s attention.

Tripbod - your friend at the other end!

Sally Broom Presents Tripbod

Well, it appears non more-so than another TWiSTldn attendee and sounding board for the entrepreneurial community, Colin Hayhurst. For those of you who do not know Colin, he is a Portfolio Director for the South East Business Innovation and Growth Team and a successful entrepreneur in his own right with at least one notable exit under his belt (Century Dynamics, sold in 2005 to ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS)). In his current role, Colin has talked about how he is in somewhat of a conflict between his passion for advising & helping entrepreneurs and his personal interest & acknowledgement of the opportunity in actually investing in them.

So it was a very pleasing surprise to hear that we at TWiSTldn, in our early days of cupidesque match-making of investors and entrepreneurs, having plunged our startup arrow into the heart & head of two particularly worthy people; Colin Hayhurst, investor, and Sally Broom (and her business partner and co-Founder Liz), entrepreneur, are in some humble way to thank (of which Colin has graciously done). Colin announced on his blog this week that he had invested in Tripbod, Sally and Liz’s travel company following their initial meetup and after a period of informal consultation. The nature of the deal was not disclosed. In fact, Colin’s post on this subject is well worth a read, for two reasons – 1) if you’re interested in how this deal came about and tips for entrepreneurs looking for investment partners, with one pretty clear message “If you need money, ask for advice” and 2) if you’re interested in finding out what Tripbod is and why he as an investor took the leap and has determined that he can add the value that Sally and Liz need to grow their business.

Colin Hayhurst 

Colin Hayhurst, investor in Tripbod

So we’ll take a second to don our caps to Colin, Sally and Liz and wish them all the best with their venture together, and we look forward to updates on their progress which we have no doubt, will prove a success.

We’ll be checking in with some of the other previous TWiSTldn companies, such as Meetup 1 winners Gnu Trade,, HipSnip and PureCause, over the coming weeks to see how they’ve progressed since our Summer events and we’ll be getting back on the case with planning more TWiSTldn meetup events in 2011.