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TWiSTldn 5 is LIVE! 11th November 2011

TWiSTldn 5 is LIVE! 11th November 2011

You may have wondered when the heck the next TWiSTldn meetup was going to be? You’ve seen the guys from Seoul, South Korea; Santiago, Chile; Cape Town, South Africa all benefit from the learnings, experiences, successes and response from the Global Meetups held in London and Paris. We’ve helped the guys around the world to quickly and effectively pull together cracking events, with amazing companies and to get themselves ready for a This Week in Startups Global Meetup show.

Well, enough of that. It’s time the spotlight was back in Europe.

Those of you who caught the last TWiSTldn / London Calling meetup would have heard the seed planted for what was to come. So thrilled with the level of quality in the companies and the events, Jason and Tyler said how they’d love to come and do a Live Meetup in London and Paris.

Well I can now announce that we’re on!

The first This Week in Startups LIVE from London. November 11th 2011. 

So, I hear you asking, “Where is it going to be held?”. “How can they possibly top the ast event’s location?”

Well, you’d be surprised.

TWiSTldn 5 will be held at the offices of Forward London, Camden. A truely inspirational story of success, Forward is a fantastic representation of the UK/London scene and a great venue to represent our companies to our guests. And what a space they have to offer us.

This is going to be the largest TWiSTldn Meetup yet, but still, space will be limited.

Get Your Ticket Quick!

The most important thing right now, is that if you have a company, product or idea that is ready to pitch and is too awesome not to tell Jason and the world then get in touch and apply now. We have space for at least 6 companies. We will be selective and you’ll have to be on top form to get in, since competition is usually high. But embrace the challenge!! Email for details.