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TWiSTldn Volume #3 – All London Extravaganza on This Week In Startups

TWiSTldn Volume #3 – All London Extravaganza on This Week In Startups

Well, what can I say? What a show, what an event, what a bunch of great people, companies and ideas.

And what a response. It’s fair to say that London’s selected companies did us proud, when Tripbod, YReceipts, GoingGoingBike and Minutebox truly represented a vibrant and growing tech-scene evolving in and around London. I know Jason and Tyler were blown away by the companies and their representatives, to the extent that, if it were feasible, I think Jason would have pulled his cheque book out and invested more than once live on the show. I think everyone thought that was going to happen when Tripbod stepped up first and got an immediate and extremely positive response.

Surprisingly and rather wonderfully, all 7 companies – even the ones that didn’t get to pitch live –, Adavengers, and UbiCabs (which by the way were also incredibly impressive) – were invited to attend as Jason’s guests at the upcoming Launch Conference, taking place 23/24th February at the San Francisco Design Centre.

Thanks to Taylor Wessing, in particular Guy Morgan, for the AMAZING location, with beautiful views from the 10th floor across the London skyline. Thanks to Mick Coulter once again for his help with the video and still photography.

I’m going to save the full autopsy for the individual pitch videos, so for now, I’ll just leave you to enjoy one of the BEST TWiST Episodes ever!